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Freestyle Libre Sensor Armband for Protecting your Freestyle Libre Sensor White Holder With Super Soft Star Band

Freestyle Libre Sensor Armband for Protecting your Freestyle Libre Sensor White Holder With Super Soft Star Band

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This is a Freestyle Libre sensor armband holder/guard. 3D Printed in flexible plastic so it is comfortable and unbreakable. It is designed to protect your attached sensor and make it less likely that a knock will dislodge it. It is great to use it when your playing sports or swimming, where moisture or contact may make the sensor come loose. I first made this for my mother who kept knocking off her sensors. She and many other people have found it very useful. The armband can be adjusted with the two attached buckles. I recommend that you adjust the armband to the correct tightness on your arm below where the sensor is attached then lift the holder and place it over the sensor. To remove the armband I would press down on the sensor and gently lift the holder off and move the armband down your arm. There are now three options for the strap size and the strap can be adjusted for a smaller diameter arm. To find the length you need measure the circumference of your arm. If you don't have a fabric measuring tape then you can wrap a piece of string around your arm mark it and measure that. The length of elastic matches the maximum circumference of the arm. For example for a 35cm arm the 40cm strap would be needed. If you find you have a lot of excess strap after you have adjusted it you can cut the excess off and seal the edge with flame. The Primary colour is the colour of the elastic strap and the Secondary colour is the colour of the holder. Please see my other listings for a other colour options. You will receive all the parts in picture 2. The Freestyle Libre sensor is not included. The elastic arm strap may contain latex. Due to the Pandemic there has been some disruption to delivery times for some orders, mainly to the at the moment USA. I'm still able to ship items within one day but I've adjusted the delivery times to reflect possible delays for some orders. Thank you for your understanding and custom during this difficult time. Please check my store for other colours and Freestyle Libre Armbands. 3D Printing works by laying down layers of plastic and therefore the surface finish will not be smooth like mass manufactured plastic parts and may have some visual artifacts. My pictures are always representative of the quality of finish you will receive. Please contact me if there are any issues I will always do my best to resolve them. Messaging me directly is the quickest and best way of getting things resolved.


Cover is made from flexible TPU, which can be washed with warm water. Kinesiology tape patches are water resistant once the adhesive has dried.

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Patch size 50x100mm

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