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Chess Set Bauhaus Model 1 1922 Minimalist Chess Set with Board

Chess Set Bauhaus Model 1 1922 Minimalist Chess Set with Board

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Bauhaus Model I 1922 Chess Set 3D Printed Chess Set. The design is based on a Bauhaus Style Chess set. All pieces have a 23mm (Approx. 1 in) square base. Heights Pawns - 24.5mm Rooks - 41mm Bishops - 58mm Knights - 41mm Kings - 58mm Queens - 58mm Chessboard Options- 1- Four Piece Compact Chessboard. The chessboard comes in four pieces that are 130x2x130mm so the total board size is 260mm by 260mm. These four sections placed together allow the player to turn any flat surface into a chessboard. The board is black and the white squares are empty space, so the white squares will be the colour of the table beneath 2- Frame Chessboard This Chessboard is 32x32cm square and 2cm deep. Its made from frosted acrylic with a wooden frame. The back of the board has a picture frame hook so it can be hung on the wall when not in use. 3- No Chessboard You already have a board and only need the pieces. Please message me if you would like these made in other colours. 3D Printing builds up an object by laying down layers of plastic to create the 3D shape. Due to this layering process, there may be minor imperfections and a textured surface finish. Posted pictures in listings are always representative of final quality. Design files available here


Cover is made from flexible TPU, which can be washed with warm water. Kinesiology tape patches are water resistant once the adhesive has dried.

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