Want to keep your FreeStyle Libre sensor secure throughout the full 14 days? Here’s how!

Want to keep your FreeStyle Libre sensor secure throughout the full 14 days? Here’s how!

I originally designed this cover and patch for my Mother who loved her new FreeStyle Libre Sensor but found it would come loose before the 14 day period. She often either knocked it off hitting her arm on a door frame or the
sensor adhesive would start to fail. In her desperation to keep the sensor on for longer she would place tape over the sensor but if this tape also started to fail the she could accidently rip off the sensor removing this tape as it was stuck to the sensor and her skin. I designed this patch and cover to solve these issues. The cover is made from a flexible plastic with rounded edges so it acts like a bumper and makes it less likely the sensor may be caught when brushing by something. The patch is also stuck only to the cover and your skin with the cover sitting over and around the patch. This means if the patch and cover needs to be replaced then the
patch will not pull the sensor out with the patch. Once my Mother was happy with this solution she began recommending it to other sensor users and this soon moved on to offering it to many more. We are very happy to have had thousands of people find this product useful in keeping their sensor

How can I prevent my FreeStyle Libre sensor from falling off? Follow these steps to keep it securely in place throughout its use

Site Preparation: Ensure a clean, and dry sensor site.
Avoid areas with lots of hair.
Remove old adhesive residue.
Patch Care: Seek help when inserting the sensor.
Use a mirror for accurate placement.
Keep the area dry for the first 12 hours.
Pat the sensor dry if it gets wet.
Trim peeling edges and use medical tape if needed.
Best Sensor Placement: Most sensors go on the back of the upper arm.
Research shows this spot gives the best performance.
FreeStyle Libre Patch and Cover:Some people’s sensors peel off early. This can happen for a number of reasons. Applying a patch and cover helps keep it secure and held for the remaining life of the sensor.
Benefits: Suitable for sensitive skin, breathable, and irritation-free.

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